Friday, January 05, 2007

I have a what?

So...this is frustrating. I'd like to recap the last game of the season so I can move on but alas, I haven't had any time to actually watch the game yet. Which is what I like to call "really damn annoying". Thankfully I've got a weekend here to catch up.

I know what you're thinking and yes, you're right I'm not being much of a fan missing the last game of the year like that. I know. I'm a tool. Usually that's not a problem but lately I've been a very busy tool. To take the analogy well beyond any particular purpose I would say that if I were a tool this week I would be an axe on one of Paul Bunyan's good days. A hammer on John Henry's final errand. Or a wrench in my dad's garage.

I hope that was as uncomfortable for you as it was for me.

So this weekend I'll be watching the final game of the year and sorting it all out in my brain. In the coming weeks I'll be doing little "year in review" columns about the NFC North and hammering out what the future looks like for each team. I'll give you a hint, I like one team a lot to improve and the other three to not be so good.

Not to go all Tobias Funke with you fine people but for the moment all I can think about are Tight Ends. We needs us a new one methinks. Maybe Carl Weathers is available.

I'm not much of a college football guy, I consider it the minor leagues, but if anyone has a hankerin' for a certain tight end I'd appreciate the heads up. I'm going to be putting together a draft wishlist and any input would be gladly considered.

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Packman said...

Watch the game already.