Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Golden Mullet Awards-Bears

Ain't it great at 8-8!

What a win. I'm still enjoying this one. How many teams in the NFL can finish 8-8 and feel good about it. Then again, how many teams finish on a positive note at all, exept for the Super Bowl winners. Finishing 5-1 in our division, beating the Vikes and the Bears back to back, and then not having a losing season. That makes all of us big winners.

Four weeks ago I challenged our Packers to finish 8-8, and they rose to the challenge. They won four in a row, who can believe it? They were 4-8, done for the year. Playoffs, playoffs? We almost made the playoffs.

Okay, on to the Golden Mullets. Four is the best, one sucks.


Not the best game Favre played all year, but 1 touchdown and 285 yards were enough for the once great Bear defense.

Running Back

Not the best game ever for Ahman, but very solid. Plus, I think he passed 1000 yards for the year. Nice.


Driver got a touchdown, and everyone seemed to step up. Where did all the dropped passes go?

Tight Ends

Bye bye Bubba and Martin. Bring back Ed West!

Special Teams

I'm getting a little worried about the missed field goals and extra points.


Simply the best. Better than the 85 Chicago Bears.


Coach Mike III did a bang up job getting these kids ready for the last game of the year. They had nothing to play for, but they played it like it meant something. You know what Bears fans, it did mean something. A win is a win sucka!

Bear Fans

Cry babies, to the last. They cry and complain how the game didn't mean anything. Oh, you are so wrong. This sets the tone for your horrible playoff push, and your fall from greatness next year. Yeah, oh yeah, you're through!

Now let's root against the Bears so they can continue to suffer like only Bear fans should.

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