Monday, January 01, 2007

Bad News Bears

Da Bears Lose!

Da Bears Lose!

Da Bears Lose!

Looks like ol' Favre was at it again Bear fans. The Pack ends the year on a positive note at 8-8. Ray Rhodes would be so proud. Way to turn it aound Packers! And way to limp into the post season Bears.

There will be a lot more about the Packer-Bear game and our thoughts about this season later this week from M.F. Pack, The Majikman, and more from The Packman.

Go Pack Go!


Anonymous said...

They sucked early , they sucked late, they sucked all through the game.... I am SO glad I'm not a Bears fan, because I'd know that no matter HOW embarassed I was's just gonna happen again when a real Playoff team comes to town......

Packman said...

Coach, you are so right. The best part is we won it with class, something the bears will never learn.