Tuesday, December 05, 2006

We Were So Close

Vince is right. That's how close we got to winning that game. We almost had it, it was within our reach. Then the game started.

That was a sad sack preformence. Horrible. They should be embarrassed.

Ted, what have you done for me lately.

Let's get to everyone's least favorite Golden Mullet Awards.

Golden Mullet Awards Pack vs. Jets


I saw hustle, and a touch down pass. Everything else I was closing my eyes.


Driver got a touchdown pass, I saw Bubba a lot. Why didn't they score more?

Running Back

Ahman got a hundred yards I believe, but now I'm getting bitter, so he only gets one.


Horrible. Fire the defense coordinator!

Special Teams

Missed field goal? Come on!


You're fired!

Ted Thompson

You're fired!

Jets fans

Who cares? They are the Mets of the NFL.

Rookie of the Year

A.J. Hawk. This guy shows up to play.

Good game guys! You made a bad team look the the 1995 Dallas Cowboys! You have showed resilience in learning this year, and just to prove everyone wrong that you're not rebuilding you refuse to grow as a team. Way to go! At least we're not the Vikings or Bears. Talk about a sad sack game. Even we could have beat those two.

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