Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Priorities People! Priorities!

Well this ought to be an exciting week. The Packer-Bear game has been moved to the prime time Sunday night slot. Perfect. John Madden can continue his one man mission to make all of America hate Brett Favre by constantly praising him. If you ever wonder where the backlash against Favre comes from don't look any further than the big guy with the Dr. Seuss-inspired eyebrows. His raging hardon for Favre has basically forced people to say they're sick of ol' #4. Heck, even Dr. Z admitted as much this past week on Here's an excerpt:

"I've never doubted that I'll vote for Favre, without reservation, for the Hall of Fame. He's been a great player. And right now, based on my reader's precise observation, I'm reviewing the whole phenomenon of this unwarranted prejudice of mine. I think what it amounts to is a rebellion against the constant hammering of blind hype."

So, the game is now on Sunday night at 7 on New Year's Eve. Fantastic. The wife is just gonna love that. Thank God for Tivo or I would be missing out on what should be a nice little event. I hear that Madden is going to do the entire broadcast on bended knee. So that should be fun. If he truly goes for the most obnoxious Favre-fest ever maybe Dr. Z can go back to being insane and we can all feel comfortable again.

I realize the playoffs are still a possibility and that's nice I guess. I'm less interested in the playoffs then I am in the team finishing 8-8. I'm beginning to actually like this team. Really. I'm gonna miss 'em when they're gone. I want them to feel decent about the year and I think getting back to .500 might just do that. The defense has finally showed up, the rookies seem to have improved and Mike III has been winning games without much help from Favre. That's a great sign for next year. Whether #4 comes back or not, winning games without his help is a good lesson for this young team to learn. I'm excited.

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Packman said...

Dr. Z, how I loathe thee. I don't care if Favre gets too much praise or not, as far as I'm concerned, all sports teams and players do. But I can't stand how week after week he bashes Favre as if he was Rich Gannon.
Dr. Z needs to push buttons for people to notice him...or a hot girl next to him. I can't wait for him to retire already.