Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Golden Mullet Awards-San Fran

A Christmas Miracle! We won!

It's everyone's favorite Golden Mullet Awards. I can't tell you how much mail we get on this, but Tim Harris's Mail Sack can. On with the show.


The critics call it "Vintage Favre" when he has a good game. Get of his back already.

Running Back

Ahman seemed to play pretty well. It's hard to tell, I had to listen to the game on the internet, but he scored and ran hard.


Huge game for Driver, the others showed up as well.

Special Teams

I never loved Longwell as much as I loved Jacke....from 227.


Well, Coach Mike showed up. Good game plan, and beat old team. We so own those niners.


They gave up some huge plays, but hung in there enough to keep them from blowing us away. That's a start. And how about A.J. Hawk with the INT. That was huge.

California Cheese

I just read an article that said they are about to overtake Wisconsin as the United States leading cheese making state. Did I ever mention that I had their adds, and their crappy cheese. You will now feel the wrath of Cheese and Packers!

Great game, we just got more wins then all of last year. Let's build off of this, and make strides to win back the Division next year and push those Bears off the Cliff. Me Lovie Long Time.

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