Thursday, December 21, 2006

Game On!

There won't be much of a post this morning but I'll be doing the standard gameday blog tonight. Who knows, if I'm motivated it may even be a live blog? Or "shortly after live" blog. Or something. Possibly. It's entirely possible that I'll be jumping up and down and annoying my wife too much to really do much writing during the game. And yes, I'm actually sitting on a fence while I write this just to make sure I don't commit to anything.

Majikman and Packra, the She-Packer, are going to tonight's game. True there will be 60-some thousand others there as well but I don't know those people so they get no mention here. Be thankful I don't know those people because I would totally mention all of them. Believe it! Forecast calls for 31 degrees and rain. You know it's a craptastic forecast when you're hoping for snow instead of rain.

Anywho, I mention the official visit of the C&P ambassadors for one important reason. I think the Pack's lifetime record at Lambeau is something like 5-1 for Majikman and a perfect 2-0 for Packra. So assuming the game's result is based entirely on the presence of two fans and not, y'know, the players on the field and whatnot, then we're totally gonna win!

Also, I think there's talk that the qb for one of the teams may possibly be playing his last game at Lambeau tonight. Surprising that the Vikes would turn on their promising rookie so quick, I know. Wait, what? I may not have read that story very closely. You may want to go ahead and disregard this whole paragraph. I think I need to hire interns around C&P HQ just so I can fire them for stuff like this. We'll see you tonight. Feel free to comment on the game and I'll try to respond if, again, I'm not jumping up and down or drinking heavily. If I were you I'd be more concerned with the latter issue.

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