Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Everyone Loves Golden Mullet Awards

Don't worry Cheese and Packer fans, only two more weeks of the Golden Mullets for you to read. Three if you include this week.



Doesn't get much worse than that. Although I don't blame him as much as my hated Dr. Z would. He has no talent to throw to...except driver.

Running Backs

Good ol' thunder and lightning. Our running backs did what they were paid to do, score big.


They sucked.


Our defense played well, with sacks all over the place. It was against the lions though. Oh yeah, Woodson had a nice pick.


Coach Mikey got us the win at home. Didn't that used to be a given?


They are the worst team in all of sports. I love that they are in our division.

Well, this week I'm traveling with Packra, the She Packer, to lambeau to watch the Pack's last home game from our seats in the north endzone. I'll post on Friday about the game and all the fun to be had.

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