Monday, November 20, 2006

A Slight Departure

Typically on Mondays (or Sunday nights) I recount the previous day's game and try to add some commentary or whatnot. For many reasons, this will not be possible today. The Majikman came to town and for a brief period there was discussion about going to the game in Green Bay. As we're based 7 hours to the west it's not a small undertaking. It's actually a total pain in the assmar, piggy.

But we considered it nonetheless. The logistics were hammered out. We would leave Sunday morning around 5 am. Layers of clothing were considered. Do I want to go t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, sweatshirt then jacket? Maybe another spiffy, space age fiber shirt to lock the body heat in?

Finally we discussed the acquisition of tickets. There were some in the camp that felt we could get scalped tickets for $50 outside the stadium, but only on a certain side of the field, and no, none of us had ever actually seen tickets at that price before. One of us had in fact failed to find the person even though a good friend swore they were there in the past.

Skepticism came rolling in. I mean, seriously, who wouldn't pay $50 to watch a game at Lambeau? We started to doubt our trip. Then Majikman's flight was delayed and it became more of a scheduling issue. We scrapped the idea. We decided to all get together and watch the game at my place, drink some Leinie's and whatnot. But then things changed.

Instead of the game all we got was some guy who looked like Captain Freedom from The Running Man on our screen. And that man came through the tv screen and, for the next 3 and a half hours, proceeded to punch us in the pants. Repeatedly. We didn't hear about the game until hours later, when our vision returned to us (it must be said that Captain Freedom is a fantastic puncher of pants).

Like good Packer fans we did try to listen for the game even in our weakened state but I think Subzero sat on our heads and muffled out the sound. I have no way of confirming this but we did notice that all the chips and dips and chicken wings and whatnot were all eaten and I know Captain Freedom was pretty consistent in his punching so it wasn't him. Also my Donald Driver jersey smells like a hockey goalie's used glove.

So I can't really comment on the 35-0 drubbing the Packers took yesterday. I can't comment on the fact that I'm wearing black in honor of the tendon or nerve in Favre's arm that got hurt yesterday. I can't comment on why this team can look like a fringe playoff team with a plan one week (see Miami or Minnesota) and yet has completely mailed it in 3 times this year. I can say this though, if given the choice between being assaulted by characters from a movie nobody remembers from 25 years ago OR watching that game, I'll take the punch in the pants. And that pretty much says it all.

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Anonymous said...

Well, unfortunately up here in duluth--we got to see the 3 1/3 quarters that were on TV...and it was even worse than you might imagine. Since I don't consume alcohol--I remember (unfortunately) every flubbed defensive play--every time Al H and up-Chuck woodson let receivers run free through them on the way to the endzone--while Manuel (the non-automatic pass defender) or young Nick--"oooops-was that MY guy" Collins chased along behind him.
Unfortunately that kept the offense on the filed for so long that MM couldn't consult with Minnie or Goofy or any of the other cortoon characters and find an answer to why Brett couldn't hit anyone--even when his alleged offensive line bought him the time...., or why that selfsame group of offensive lonemen (and they were, truly offensive) couldn't open any sort of a hole for the backs (I won't call them 'running backs' because they did NO running yesterday)....
While the packers' "brain(?) trust again mouthed words like 'miscommunication' on the defense--one has to wonder just how long will it take before SOMEBODY gets his ass chewed for that--the season is 3/4 over...why doesn't the defense know where to line up yet?? or even that they ae supposed to cover they guys with the different-colored helmets?? The run D looked pretty good--and the LB's looked OK--but to sday that the Pack is struggling because they are a young team is a lie--the problem unit is the DB's--between maunel, harris and woodson, there's what??? 500 years of experience?? When will the DC or really mm be held accountable for that soet od crap???

needless to say--I'm a little upset--maybe it will be better next week