Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sal Paradise wanted me to mention this

I'm not one to live by a strict code of conduct or guidelines. It leaves little room for spontaneity and general unexpected awesomeness. So being a bit of a loose canon I don't plan much. Some call it being unprepared, I like to think of it as not having a stick up my ...

Anywho, there is one general rule that I try to keep to. When a previously talented but inconsistent band releases a brilliant album, and that album has casual references to Kerouac and On the Road, well I have to write about it.

Without further ado, Boys and Girls in America lyrics from The Hold Steady and how those lyrics apply to our 2006 Packers...

From Stuck Between Stations...

"there are nights when i think that sal paradise was right.
boys and girls in america have such a sad time together."

Bob Sanders is the boy, his secondary is the girl. It's like watching a high school relationship melt down. They still stay together but for all the wrong reasons. Change it up a bit people, it ain't working.

"she was a really cool kisser and she wasn't all that strict of a christian.
she was a damn good dancer but she wasn't all that great of a girlfriend."

To Chuck Woodson for making the pretty plays but failing to inspire much trust with his constant injuries and breakdowns.

From Hot Soft Light...

"i've been straight since the cinco de may.
before that i was blotto.
i was blacked out. i was cracked out. i was caved in.
you should have seen all these portals that i've powered up in.
we started recreational. it ended kinda medical."

To Koren Robinson and his short stay. He came to the Packers amid scrutiny and failure. Of his own doing. Hopefully he gets cleaned up. Not just for his sake, for those that share the road with him in Green Bay (or anywhere).

From First Night...

"holly's insatiable. she still looks incredible. but she don't look like the same girl we met on that first night."

To Mr. Future Hall of Famer Brett Favre. He's not what he once was. But that's okay, he's still better than the rest.

From You Can Make Him Like You...

"if you get tired of your boyfriend's things
there's always other boys.
there's always other boyfriends.
if you get tired of your boyfriend's scene
there's always other scenes.
there's always other boyfriends."

To Al Harris for constantly whining about a contract. I hate this sort of thing. It'll all work itself out. Trust in yourself and your abilities and you'll get your money. Why is this so hard to remember? Or hey, don't listen to me, go get your money in Arizona. I'm sure Edge James doesn't regret it. Why do we ruin a good thing?

From Massive Nights...

"everyone was funny and everyone was pretty.
everyone was coming towards the center of the city.
the dance floor was crowded. the bathrooms were worse.
we kissed in your car and we drank from your purse."

"we had some massive highs.
we had some crushing lows.
we had some lusty little crushes
we had those all ages hardcore matinee shows."

To every trip to Green Bay for every fan out there. Incredible feeling where it seems like the whole world is advancing on Lambeau. Downright magical. I hate to see the losses there but I know it's still worth the trip.

From Southtown Girls...

"southtown girls won't blow you away
but you know that they'll stay."

To DD, KGB, Tauscher, Bubba and all the other solid vets that make this team fun to watch. I know every team has their guys just like these fellas, but they're ours, they're reliable and they don't get celebrated as much as they should.

Even with all the injuries I see a win for the Pack this weekend. I also have a feeling the 49ers will do us a favor and steal one from a downtrodden Vikings team. 4-4 will be a nice spot to be in for this team, but it'll be even nicer with some company right there with us. Have a good weekend everyone. And if you still believe in rock n' roll then do yourself a favor and pick up this little gem.

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