Thursday, November 16, 2006

Letters to Skippy: Midseason Questions

For those of you who don't know - Skippy was Dan Devine's Dog. He was killed by a neighbor in '72 for messing with ducks that he should not have been messing with. Devine reported to TIME magazine that angry fans of the team had killed his dog out of spite in a '74 interview and the legend stuck. For a thorough recounting of the story I implore you to check out

The spirit of Skippy lives on and, in an effort to better establish inter-spiritual relations, has graciously accepted a post with answering emails from our readers. It should also be noted that Skippy has been working hard to improve his typing skills since the initial offering. So keep your eyes peeled for Skippy the typing dog!

Hey Skip!
I've been writing every week but you must be awfully busy I guess huh? I've got more questions for you about our favorite team. What do you think of coach McCarthy's reign so far? He's 4-5 and beaten the Vikings but lost to the Bears. Do you think we have a shot with him at the helm? Maybe not this year but down the road?

Bob from Pequot Lakes

Happy panting.

What do you think about McCarthy's comments about Favre playing another two years? I also saw that Rodgers was preparing to sit for another 2 years on the bench. Do you think all this sitting will ultimately help the young guy out when he does play? Or are we just letting a 1st round pick rot on the bench? What kind of trade value could we get for him? Now that Al Davis is insane couldn't we get 9 guys for him at least?

Jerry from Oconomowoc


(We don't skimp here at C&P, he got both kibbles AND bits. In general it should be noted that Skippy tends to eat when he wishes to convey that only a total moron would trade that many players for one guy. So unless the Vikings are involved no, this isn't likely.)

We need your help. Do you know Kurt Schottenheimer's dog? We need an inside man.


We're not going to hurt the dog. We want the dog to maybe lead him into the woods hunting and get him lost for a few months or something. Is that so hard?

Marie from the U.P.

Happy panting. Playful bark.

I will continue to beat your team every time we play. I hate you. I hate all dogs, small children, old people, and apple pie.

Lovie from Chicago

Grrrr. (typing) gO flergl yousElf!!!!!

.......and that's it for this edition of Letters to Skippy. You keep on sending them and we'll have Skippy reply.

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