Monday, November 27, 2006

Hey Kids

Tonight, for the first time ever, I'll be trying to do a live blog of the game as it happens. Or, I suppose, shortly after it happens depending on how long it takes for me to come up with something witty. So if you're by a computer and a tv don't forget to pop in. I'll be checking comments and whatnot so it should be fairly entertaining.

I've got that odd tingle in my belly that makes me think we might be able to steal one tonight. I don't know why. It's entirely possible that I overdosed on stuffing and pumpkin pie and that tingling is just a hole in my stomach. I don't think we should win this game but I think we might. 9 out of 10 doctors would call that kind of thinking "crazy" but that's why I always check out all 10. You search long enough you're bound to find someone who feels the same way you do.

I'll see you tonight, or not, if you're not into that sort of thing.


Packman said...

I'll be watching for your posts. I'm not going to be able to see it on TV, so it's you and the radio. Don't let me down.

Packman said...

Where's the live blog?