Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Golden Mullet Awards-Seahags

disappointing performance. With as many opportunities as we had, we really threw the game away. Hasslebeck was trying to give us the game, and we still wouldn't take it. So let's see how we did with the Golden Mullets.


Favre never really go into a roll, and then started heaving the ball like last year. I blame the coach.


They didn't do Favre any favors, although Driver had a nice touchdown run.

Running Back

Green scored a touchdown, seemed okay the rest of the game. I think Alexander took most of our rushing yards. He's ugly.


They had some great turnovers, but couldn't stop the rush if they had too, and they had too.

Special Teams

Missed field goal wasn't our fault, but I don't care. They sucked.


Next time prepare for the game. Isn't that suppose to be a given?

12th Man

You've got a Super Bowl caliber team, and history so sad that you had to retire a fake number. What do those two things have in common? Nothing, except you can make all the noise in the world, but if you don't win the big ones, does anyone every listen?

Does it still matter that we beat them last year? You bettcha! I was at that game and I got to yell all sorts of fun stuff as I sat behind the Seattle bench. So there.

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