Thursday, November 23, 2006

Golden Mullet Awards-Pats

I know it's a bit late with these...and we're looking ahead to beating the Seahawks...but hopefully Ted Tompson will look these over before he plans his next game plan.


Horrible. Favre gets hurt...misses the end of the game. Rogers comes in to save the day, gets hurt for the rest of the year. Time to draft a new quarterback.

Horrible. Donald who? Oh, and I still hate you Walker for selling out!

Running Back

Horrible. Stop wasting my time.



Special Teams

Missed field goal....Horrible.


Nice job getting the team ready for the biggest game of the year. Where's Sherman?

Patriot Fans

Six years ago they didn't exist, give them a few more and they won't anymore.

And my Turkey of the Year award goes to......

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