Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Golden Mullet Awards-Minnesota

Minnesota Nice...You Betcha! What a win that was. There is no team that I hate more than the Vikings, although the Bears and the Broncos come close, the Vikings take the cake. Sadly, it has become harder to hate them because they just don't have the same annoying cast that they've had for so long. No Moss, no Tice, and no Daunte. What they have now is an overrated coach and a bunch of ex-Packers. Speaking of which, I still want to stab you Javon Walker you sellout.

Okay, now to the Golden Mullets.


Two touchdowns, no picks...and a bazillion yards. Simply the best.


Everyone showed up, and Driver was almost like Sterling Sharpe ou there.

Running Backs

Not many yards, but just enough to keep the defense kinda honest.


They kept the Vikings quiet except for the Ahman Carrol type touchdown play.

Special Teams

Solid enough.


You got a win in the Humpty Dump, that's amazing.

Sid Hartman

Why is he still around?

Viking Fans

Now please.....shut the hell up!

That was a great game, let's be honest here. The Pack is on the way up, and the Vikings are on the way down. We got some tough games ahead, but if we come out with some wins....see you in Miami!

I'm sure everyone has seen highlights by now...except me I don't have cable....but here are some more from the Packer Viking game.

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