Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Golden Mullet Award-Buffalo

Remember this Bills fans. I sure do. Let's just say we both know the wrong team won this week, and we'll leave it at that. Now, on the the golden mullet awards.


I don't care if he had a good amount of yards passing, too many turnovers.

Running Backs

You won my heart with 100 yards.


Donald got yards and a touchdown...and Jennings got hurt. Look, you guys didn't do bad, but you needed more points.

Special Teams

Not special enough.


Nice job boys.


You dropped the ball buddy.

Bills Fans

I don't care that you suffer as much as Viking fans, you deserve worse.

Let's learn from our turnovers, and let's march into the roller dome and beat those damn vikings.


Brent Schoonover said...

Yeah, I'm anxious for this week. I too am a Minnesota based Packer fan and really enjoy your site, check it out everyday. Thanks for blogging! It is a select few who know the pain of being a Packer Backer in the land of lakes!

Brent Schoonover

Packman said...

Thanks for your feedback Brent. I'm glad you like my rants and M.F. Packs hard-hitting facts.

Now let's send those vikes packin'!

Brent Schoonover said...

Indeed! Question, do you ever make it to Gabe's Sports bar in St. Paul? It's a Packer bar that is great if the local stations are too dumb to carry the game and play a movie. Cause I'd rather be watching Legally Blonde on a Sunday afternoon is their guess.


Packman said...

Hey Brent, I no longer live in MN, although I feel like a friend of mine when I was a kid wore a shirt that said Gabes on it...M.F., isn't that right from "Pete".

I think that he wore that in my that film that you stared in High School. I'm actually serious here for once.

And Brent, Cornell J lives near St. Paul and goes to a Packer bar in Hudson. If you want to know the name of that place I can let you know.

Or you can always go to M.F.'s house.

MF said...

I'm in minnesota but I live out in the boonies so I got the Sunday Ticket. I've been to Gabe's on gamedays in the past though and it's topnotch.

And yes our old friend rocked the Gabe's shirts for a long time. It's a cool place for a game or on a summer night.

Brent Schoonover said...

Thanks guys, appreciate it. I actually live a mile from Gabe's and was blown away by how busy it gets so I figured you might go, but the Sunday Ticket is awesome if you got it. I might take you up on the Hudson bar sometime, sadly I'll be in Texas this weekend and miss the game live, watch it when I get home. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Brent--if you're going to be in Houston--check out Nick's--it's the home of the cheddarheadpackhouston group...

Brent Schoonover said...

Wish I was, I'm going to be in the Dallas Fort Worth area all weekend stuck inside a convention center signing copies of my comic book. My wife has family down there who are Packer fans and they know a place to go so I'm hoping to get to it if not this trip, the next. Thanks for posting my ramblings on the front page!