Friday, November 10, 2006

Follow the Mantra

This game is simple.

Don't turn the ball over.

That's it.

Don't turn the ball over.

Why is it simple?

The Vikings do not have the talent to score points without your help. Don't turn the ball over.

This game is winnable because the fans in this town are down, down, down on the Vikings offense (and therefore the whole team). If the Packers can keep the ball then they will win. It doesn't matter if they have a bunch of three and outs. It doesn't matter if they don't catch easy interceptions (I'm looking at you Mr. Harris). It won't even matter if they allow a big kick return. Don't turn the ball over.

The fans will be about 60/40 for the Vikings at best. They will be loud and unhappy if the Vikings continue to be the worst offense in the league. They will turn on them. The only thing that will get them fired up is a big defensive play. Don't turn the ball over.

That's it. It's maddeningly simple. Play the field position game all day. The Vikings have no one, NOT A SOUL, that can make a play on offense. Even with a busted coverage or two (that you know we'll be displaying at some point). We keep the ball, we win. This is the second week in a row where the Packers are more talented than their opponent, only one thing can stop them. Hopefully everyone knows it by now.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Simple, succinct and absolutely correct....

Anonymous said...

It's nearly game time--time for checking the beer supply, making sure that a snack run isn't needed-settingthe VCR or TIVO or DVR--being nice to the spouse or spousal equivalent so he/she will leave you alone for three hours and
time for the final prediction....

Packers 17
Minnie 16

Brent Schoonover said...

I was so happy to land in St. Paul around 5pm, have some asshole wearing a Vikings sweater (bright purple of course) and cusre at his cell phone and here these great words "The God damn Packers won!" It was the next best thing than being able to watch the game.