Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Lamest Show on Turf

For today, we got the Golden Mullet Awards for the Rams game, and a new 15 minute photoshop job on Fergie.

Well the Rams came to town and walked away with an easy win. Sure, we made them work for it, but were we ever really in it. Yes, we were, that's why it's so damn annoying. Those are the games we have to win. If we can smell it with two minutes left, we need to grab those games. Cause when we play against a real team and get blown away, those loses should count twice against us.

So I predicted that the Pack would be 12-4 this year, and I'm still standing behind it. I have at least two weeks until I can be proven wrong.

Let's take a look at this weeks Golden Mullet Awards. One bad, four good.


Favre dropped the ball. At least he didn't throw it away.


Jennings did good. Everyone else....bad.

Running Back:

Stick a fork in Ahman, he's done. Herron broke a hundred, so he gets two mullets.


Not bad, but not good enough.


Turn this thing around buddy, you're on the clock.

Special Teams

Missed field goal, lame punts. Not cool.


Who really cares about the Rams....ever?

Them are the awards for this week. Let's hope you enjoyed them. Next week we'll hand our awards to the Bears and the Vikings. The Lions don't count, they never do.

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