Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Golden Mullets and Daunte's Bod

While Favre and Green took care of the dolphins in Miami, where was Daunte Culpper? Well, Cheese and Packers found some exclusive pictures at his photo shoot. He's hot.

Okay, here are this weeks Golden Mullet Awards.


Solid, good, two touchdowns, no picks. Nice.

Running Back

The Ahman of old busted out for a long run, he's still got some left in the tank.


Driver was great, Jennings got hurt....who else was out there?


Some great pics, but gave up a lot of yards in the air. Much better though.

Special Teams

Did you see that kick that didn't count? Me either, I was listening to it on the radio. But what a leg. Chris Jacke, look out.


Nice win, you got them ready for a road victory and it was nasty hot hot hot.

Daunte Culpper

Too bad we couldn't play against you for old times sake. You are so bad.....you can't even find a spot on a 1-6 team. Blahhh.


Anonymous said...

Careful--there is a contingent of 'Queens fans who will STILL leap up to defend Mr Daunte 'OOPS !' Culpepper to the death.

Packman said...

They would also defend Moss. Why couldn't they have sucked more in MN, instead they almost make the Vikings look smart for trading them.

Anonymous said...

You guys look like the smarest people alive for having chosen Koren Robinson

Anonymous said...

You must be a Viking fan.

Anonymous said...

good comeback?