Thursday, October 05, 2006

Golden Mullet Awards-Eagles

What a game, what a shame. It seemed like we were about to pull this thing around, but the Golden Mullets don't lie. Let's take a look at this weeks awards. 4 is good, one is bad.


Not so good. Favre barely got 200 yards, had a couple of picks, and no touchdowns. Bad bad bad.

Running Backs:

Talk about bad. I dig McCarthy sticking to his guns with the running and all, but you trade Gado and you put your hopes on yesterdays news, Ahman, and this is what we get. Sad sack running game. Bad bad bad.


What have they done for me lately? Driver can only do so much, and with Fergie hurt, ah forget it. Bad bad bad.


They did horrible. Bye bye Carrol.

Special Teams:

Hey, these guys showed up! They scored all of our points. Good job.


Played them good for the first half, then let's the dogs out for the second. He gets two mullets.

Eagle Fans:

They get only one because they acted like it was the Super Bowl or something. Didn't they just lose that a couple of years ago.

That's it for this weeks Golden Mullet Awards. Let's hope that next week we'll be able to give out some more, this is getting crazy!

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