Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Golden Mullet Awards-Arizona

Beating Dennis Green is always a good time, it's too bad he wasn't fired after that game. Dennis and Bud Grant are two coaches I would love to force into retirement. What, when did bad grunt retire?

Here are this weeks Golden Mullet Awards. Four is the best.

Threw one, ran one, and no picks. Look, his stats were not jaw-dropping, but did everything he needed to win.


Not bad, but could have been better. They played solid enough.

Running Backs

Perfect. Two backs over 100 yards. That hasn't happened since the Snow Bowl. Nice.



Special Teams
They made a field goal, missed a trick play. You get two.


Out coached Denny Green...what's that worth?

Dennis Green

Bye bye Denny. Won't see you in the Hall of Fame next to your boyfriend Chris Carter.

Nice win boys, let's do it again next week!

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