Monday, October 09, 2006

Game Notes - Rams at Packers

Gah! I think that's the only word for this team right now. How do they make me feel? Gah! Where are their collective heads at with the game on the line? Gah! How does Favre fumble in that situation AND Clifton fail to cover up a ball that was his alone? Gah!

Rooting for a bad team comes with some understanding that bad things will happen more often than I would prefer. I get that. They deserved to lose because they didn't take care of the ball at the beginning and end of the game. I get that. But what is it about bad teams that makes this sort of thing happen? How does Al Harris drop that interception? Gah!

Is anyone else confused as hell about the offensive line? Are they rapidly improving or was that luck? I'm just asking because I swear to God that A) I haven't been drinking and B) Noah Herron looked like a competent tailback. I've seen Noah Herron play the game. I am EXTREMELY skeptical that Noah Herron has suddenly become competent. Also, noting that after he entered the game he would break the line of scrimmage untouched and then carry a linebacker a couple yards and ta da, we have a 7 yard gain. Am I crazy or was that all O-line? Noah was covering up after every 1 yard gain and by the time anyone got to him he would have 6 yards or so.

I've heard/read before that the zone blocking schemes in Denver, Atlanta and other parts unknown clicked around the 4th or 5th game and took off. I hope that's the case here because if we can get a legit running game going with a 4th stringer like Herron we might just have a chance to win a game or two. Gah!

On the plus side of things I think the team is better this year than last. I know that seems overly optimistic considering the ol' 1-4 record and no, I haven't forgotten the Eagles debacle. This team has looked competent and competitive more often than it has not. Also, that 26-0 loss to the Bears looks less embarrassing by the hour. Just ask a Buffalo fan if you have any doubts. That doesn't make us a good team but it does provide just a sliver of hope. And hope always goes down easy.


Anonymous said...

Going to be a long year, especially with the bear fans around here mouthing off again.
How does this sound:
1. Get rid of Schottenheimer and Sanders.
2. Lionel Washington in charge of DB's.
3. Coax Jim Bates back as defensive coordinator ( logical head coach if Mike III doesn't cut it ).
4. Let Favre call more of his own plays.
Makes sense to me, if Bates would be agreeable. Our db's have no idea what they are up to after one third of the season. Not acceptable.

Majikman said...

5. Bring back Sherman!

MF said...

I'm on board with the booting of Schottenheimer. I haven't been impressed with Sanders but I really doubt Jim Bates would be willing to come back.

Mike Sherman would absolutely come running back because he knows he'll never coach in the league again. Good riddance to mediocre rubbish.

Anonymous said...

How rude!

Anonymous said...

Actually--Sherman is OL/Assist HC down in Houston.. Bates? why would anyone want HIM back?? It's not like the Packers were a defensive powerhouse last year....I've never understood the fascination with that guy....
As far a Herron looking good, it's a lot like Samkon last year. The opponent don't even PLAY run defense against the Packers any more--so it's no wonder that the run game looks better. It DIDN'T look good. Did anyone really think itlooked like Herron and Co. could carry that game last Sunday? An occasional good run among many, many bad ones does not a good run game make.....