Friday, October 13, 2006

The Bye Week Game

With no real game to comment on, whine about or just hang our heads in shame over we are forced to come up with our own game to pass the time. Unfortunately I don't mean a real game where the C&P staff get together. That would be a logistical nightmare. I mean, I don't even know where Packman lives and I'm fairly confident Chuck Sample would just complain constantly if we didn't let him play QB even though he's got to be 103 by now.

So without that sort of distraction to rely on what can we do? For some inspired poetry you can check out the comments on my wednesday post as Coach Carl put me to shame, to shame sir, with his multi-versed commentary. Well played. You can also check him out at methinks.

While football related poetry is often a time well spent we do still have a few more hours to kill here. Hmm. Fortunately I'm based in Minnesota and the likelihood that at least one Viking player will do something unseemly during the off week seems like a solid bet. So here's the game - guess which player will commit a crime/sex act in places where such things should not be done/terrible lack of focus/etc in the next few days. We can even offer double bonus points if you can name the act they'll be caught for.

I don't like the idea of rooting for someone to get a DWI or embarrass innocent bystanders very much so let's be clear, I'm not hoping this will happen. I'm just assuming that something WILL happen and it's really just a matter of sorting out what it will be. Hopefully no one gets hurt in the process.

Personally I'm hoping to see Matt Birk get in a fistfight with former RB Robert Smith. These guys don't like each other, I assume because everywhere they've gone in their lives they were known as the "smart" football player, then they were forced to play together and share the title and things got awkward. That's my theory anyway.

C'mon now! It's Harvard versus THE Ohio State university in a match of fisticuffs on the Nicollet mall. Afterwards the crowd shall adjourn to Brit's Pub for some Boddingtons and conversation about Matty B's left hook and, if there's time, a discussion about which pub has the best scotch eggs. Sounds better than bagging up the leaves doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip of the hat---I'm almost embarassed !

On another note--could you mention that it's once again time for the Campbell's Soup 'Click for Cans' promotion--where for the NFL team whose fans provide themost daily visit/clicks the company will donate a large amountof food to the food shelf of the teams choice. (for the Packers-I think it's Paul's pantry)
You can vote once a day--
here's the link... Packers fans have won this handily since it started a few years ago--let's not let this year be an exception...Thanks Gator

Packman said...

If M.F. Pack doesn't bring that up on Monday, then I'll make sure to mention it on Tuesday. It's the one thing that we can win!