Thursday, October 12, 2006

Axl Hawk or A.J. Rose

So we have a bye week, which means that we won't fall victim to a loss, so that's great. Let's take a quick look at our division.

The Bears are 5-0, but by the looks of the Bear fans they might as well be 5,000-0. Not only do they think the Bears will not lose a game, but they also think that Rex Grossman is the next Tommy Krammer. The bad news for the rest of us is that they have a cake schedule, and by the time they get to the playoffs they could start to believe their own hype. I have no love for Lovie.

The Vikings are typical Vikings. Win some, lose some. But come any big game they'll choke. They think they still have a shot at the Bears this season. Wake up, you have Brad Johnson at quarterback. That'll get you no where.

The Lions...who cares. They are a never factor. And the Tigers will fall apart soon, but that's a different sport.

And that leaves us to The Pack. Let's just say, we have a lot of room for improvement. Here are my 5 keys to turning this season around:

1. Get the running game going. Don't ask me how, that's not my job. I'll figure out the problems, they should figure out the rest.
2. Find our defense. Really, where did they all go?
3. Motivate the players. I don't care if the season is lost, earn your paycheck.
4. Take pictures of A.J. Hawk with his shirt off.
5. Win one game at home.

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