Friday, September 15, 2006

Where are we going and why are we all in this handbasket?

So, this ought to be interesting...

Before getting to this weekend's games I thought I'd throw out a possibly crazy comparison to the KoRo signing. Cris Carter. Deeply troubled in Philly, cut from the team for his substance abuse, left to troll the deepest depths alone. Finding salvation in a crappy team and resurrecting himself and the team (I mean, as far as the Vikes go the NFC Championship game is their superbowl right?)

Now if you're asking me if I believe that Koren will turn himself into a Hall of Famer with the GBP the answer would be "no". But that little scenario is possible. There is a precedent.

The frustrating thing about this signing to most Packer fans is that the Vikings can act like Koren wasn't good enough for them. Nobody wants hand me downs. But I wonder if this signing is really Ted Thompson's waterloo as I've read on other sites. To pretend that the Packers are too well intentioned to ever employ a player that is less than saintly is ridiculous. And yet we hear about "Packer People" and infer that means "People of the Highest Quality". I think we're learning that Ted's definition might be skewed a bit more towards winning than the rest of us. I'm not defending the signing, I just think some of us are projecting our opinion of Ted a bit further than this decision allows.

The Game

Normally I'd mention how the last meeting between these two teams went but, other than a couple cheerleaders I think the entire team is brand spanking new and right out of the box. Gone are the Fighting Hasletts. In is Sean "Man, I could use a nap right now" Payton and some guys named Bush and Brees. "Bush and Breeze sounds kinda like a windy Australian Resort when you think about it.

There is only one question the Packers need to answer in this game. Say what you want about the defense, special teams and whatnot, the only thing that matters is the pass blocking of the offensive line. If they can't get their collective stuff together the Pack has no chance.

The defense gave up 19 points and held firm in the red zone. Say what you want but it wasn't a disaster. In a comment I'm sure I'll come to regret the Special Teams last week was the equivalent of a Virgin Bloody Mary. Which is just tomato juice and a floating pickle. This week we've added some Vodka and it might just make the thing worth drinking. Welcome to the team KoRo.

The Running Game was surprisingly solid. Part of that had to do with the Packers running when the Bears expected pass, but nonetheless I'll take 100 yards against a defense like that any day.

Passing Game Blocking. Passing Game Blocking. Passing Game Blocking. That's it. Make it happen fellas.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice to think that things will get better this week, and so I'll do my best. While I realize that this is going to be a looooong year as a Packers fan, all I really want is for this team to be respectable. That precludes signing chemically dependant sociopaths like K-Rob. But tt must know what he's doing (although I think he's the only one in the world who does) and be confident enough in his plan to cut the ONLY healthy fullback on the team to sign an average at best/pretty good kick returner who will probably wind in jail.suspended for a year in the next couple of weeks.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Hola, queso y empacaderos,

Re: your comment to my posting of the Majik Man's one and only solo single - yeah, that's really him. He released the cover of the Poison anti-classic in the summer of '90, if memory serves, and the cassette-only release soon rocked up the charts of local top 40 toilet WIXX. I wish I was making this up, but believe me, I ain't. Guess you were too young to remember the halcyon days of 1989, a year I was convinced at the time would be the Packer high water mark of my entire life. That says more about the Pack's performance in my lifetime up to that point than me, I suppose, though I was living on reds, vitamin C, and cocaine at the time, or something like that, as the song goes.

Anyway, glad you dug the mp3 and rest assured there are plenty more where that came from at

Just keep telling yourself - it's a brand new week. Though replacing Jason Spitz with Darin Colledge is a bit like replacing Reggie Cobb with Dexter McNabb. But I remain hopeful.

See you at the Leinie's Lodge at halftime.