Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This Weeks Golden Mullet Awards

The pictures above are from the Saints game that I went to last year with Cornell J and Packra, the She Packer. That game turned out to be a lot more fun. The points just kept on flowing...but let's talk about the Saints game from Sunday.


A weekly review of the Packers performance.

Based on the Majikman Scale, 4 is the best, 1 is the worst.



3 touchdowns good.
1 interception bad.
He played with more
fire than last week.


They caught some touchdowns,
but 6 dropped passes. Is Driver
the only one who plays every

Running Back

Ahman was not the man. 42 rushing
may be good enough for some teams,
but not us. Plus he fumbled.

Special Teams

Much better than last week,
still some problems. They
get two because at least they
didn't cost us points.


I wish I could give Kampman like
15 Golden Mullets, but everyone
else let me down. How does Carroll
still have a job?


Two Golden Mullets seems
a bit high, but McCarthy
is working out the kinks. I
like his play calling.

Ted Thompson

He got an Ex-Viking Ex-Con to play for
us, and I'm not impressed. We'll see how
Hawk and Jennings do this year to really
tell how many Mullets he deserves.

Packer Fans

Down 0-2 and
we're all still
bloggin' away.
Go Pack Go!

Bear Fans

I'm still getting emails from angry Bear fans. Didn't they win,
why are they so mad. Oh, maybe because they never had a
franchise quarterback or a decade of dominance like we did.

Those are this weeks Golden Mullet Awards. Next week I hope to hand out a lot more. Goodbye Saints, I'm looking forward to the Lions now, where I feel good about getting our first win.

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