Thursday, September 14, 2006

Oh My Gado and an Instant Replay

As many of us already know, the Pack traded Gado yesterday for some Texan. In case you didn't hear, read all about it here. I sure hope that Ted knows what he's doing, seems like a very questionable trade. But I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Flashback time.

The year was 1989, Don Majkowski was the quarterback and we were playing the Bears at home. We needed a touchdown to win, and there was little time left on the clock. The Pack marched down near the Bears endzone. Majkowski went back to pass, rolled right and just as he was running out of time and real estate, he found Sterling Sharpe in the back of the endzone. The only problem was that official Jim Quirk threw a flag. The play would come back because the scrambling Majkowski had crossed the line of scrimmage. But wait a minute, this was the Packers' thrilling season and it was their time to buck all odds. After the play was reviewed, official Bill Parkinson overturned the ruling on the field. Majkowski never crossed the line, at least according to the officials (Bears fans still feel differently) and the Packers picked up a 14-13 win over the Bears -- the first in their previous nine attempts.

Here is a video showing that play.
And here is a website where the Bears always suck.


Anonymous said...

When do you guys think that they are going to stop playing Farve?

Follow-up Question, are the Packers going to continue to field a team or are you just going to let fans into Lamebo to drink?

I heard that the Green Bay highschool could use some people to play against. Maybe Farve could throw some interceptions for the scout team?

Packman said...


Thanks for your questions. Let's see if we can answer them for you.

I can't speak for everyone at cheese and packers, but I think they'll play him all season. I think that even if they put in Wade Wilson they would struggle, so I would expect him to finish the year. However, I do think that we will see Rodgers in at the end of games more often, which makes sense.

For the follow-up question, I know for a fact that they will continue to field a team this year. Although many go to the games to drink, I'm sure they are still lots of people who enjoy to watch the game... I choose to do both.

As far as what you heard about Green Bay High, I have not seen or heard anything about that. But perhaps you could play against them. I also don't think that Favre will throw any interceptions for their scout team because he'll be too busy kicking your ass. Now get the hell off my site.

MF said...

It's okay sweetness, let it all out. You've only had to wait 14 years to get a chance to mock Favre. The fact remains that Favre has absolutely OWNED the Bears throughout his career. Regrettably he sold his interest in the Bears for a kick ass TransAm because when he retires he's going out Bandit style.

Also it will be handy for Parades in the south, as they love Smokey and the Bandit.

Anonymous said...

The sweetness---actually, I thnk the sweetness would be ashamed that a turd like yourself is using his nickname to be a pain in the butt....

As far as whether Favre will play the whole year--think about it moron--being a Bears fans, you must know that fans don't come to your stadium to see losers (that being why Bears tix are STILL an easy find...) I agree that Rodgers will see a little more time at the end of games, but Brett will still be the "big Guy"...