Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Not A Good Week. The Worst Actually.

Cheese and Packers has had a rough week, so let's just try to make it through this one with baby steps. Sadly, I don't have much to say today, but this video will speak for me.

As we know we lost to the Titans in a preseason game, which doen't matter, but here are some highlights from that game. I know...what highlights. But come on, that pass from Favre to Jennings was the one good thing that happened in that game, in a sea of lameness. Here it is, and enjoy.

And I saw this quote from Javon Walker.

------Denver Broncos wide receiver Javon Walker watched the Cincinnati Bengals trounce his former Packers team last week and was asked what he thought.

"Obviously, we have a chance to be a Super Bowl team," Walker told the Denver Post. "Obviously, they have a chance to win four games."

Walker, disgruntled in Green Bay, was traded in April to the Broncos for a second-round draft pick.

"It just made me happy to know I'm here and not dealing with that anymore," Walker said. "This is a winning organization, and I'm better off here." --------

And a big go to hell to Javon Walker who was never worthy of wearing #84, Sterling's number. Let's hope you fall short on your Super Bowl run, or better yet, demand more money and get hurt. That always works.

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