Thursday, September 28, 2006

NFC Offensive Player of the Weak

Weak being the Lion defense, but let's hand it to Favre. He had a great game, and he earned his 10th Offensive player of the Week award. You can read about that here.

Speaking of Favre, I found this video that shows Favre's first regular season apperance in a Packers uniform. It was the second game of the 1992 season against the Bucs. Favre didn't do much but get sacked, which is all that Majkowski was able to do. If only Majkowski had a better line in front of him, maybe he would have never got hurt....also, Santana Dotson makes a special appearance. This video is a must see!

Come back tomorrow for M.F. Packs awesome post.


Anonymous said...

That video was actually a little depressing. Brought back some bad T. Buck memories. Not to mention those hideous old Buc uniforms.

Packman said...


Sorry to depress you. Look on the bright side, the Bucs not only changed their uniforms but they were also kicked out of our division for being too ugly.