Friday, September 29, 2006

I hate mondays

My schedule for this Sunday? Because the fans demanded it I present it now.

7:00 AM - Get up, throw on roughly 6 layers of shirts and head out for 18 with the old man and some friends.

8:00 AM - Tee off, wonder why I can't feel my hands.

12:00 PM - Finish the round and have a beer. Sudden panic! What am I doing at a golf course at noon on a Sunday? Must. Get. Home. Oh wait, the Pack plays on Monday night. The rest of the group is full of Vikings fans so they're clearly in no hurry to go watch their boys play. Have a second beer and ponder the great questions in life.

1:30 PM - Return home (I live a long way from the golf course) and take a nap. Maybe checking the scores on the Sunday Ticket to see how my FF team is doing.

2:30 PM - Mow the lawn, maybe do some raking. Replace that lighbulb that went out last week.

3:45 PM - Fold some laundry.

Have I bored you yet? That'll be my day. I hate monday night football. I like it just fine when other teams are playing but I hate it when the Packers are playing. This is no doubt in part because we have not been so good on MNF recently but mostly I just hate the change in the schedule. I also dislike Sunday nights and Thursday nights. Maybe it's just me but it doesn't add much. I realize the networks want to get that large NFL audience in primetime but c'mon, I just want to relax on a Sunday afternoon with my favorite team. Is that so much to ask?

You work all week, have some fun on Friday and Saturday and then sit at home on Sunday doing minor repairs and watching football. It's clearly the way God intended. You doubt that God dislikes MNF? Kornheiser, Theismann and an intro by the immortal Hank Williams Jr? That doesn't sound ungodly? I think I've made my point.

Tune in this weekend as I will have nothing better to do I will post a little breakdown of the season stats thus far. If you haven't bothered yet, take a look at (there's a link on the page) for some advanced statistical info. It'll make your head spin but it's about time we take a look at this stuff. Until then, be good people, and hey maybe you can get some stuff done around the house on Sunday too.

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