Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Detroit Golden Mullet Awards

Before we celebrate the Pack win, let's talk about the great Viking lose. I love when the Bears play the Vikings, it's like the best week ever. And yes, Sweetness, I was pulling for your boys to win. The Bears are kinda like the Lions to me. I want them to lose, but not like the Vikings. The Vikings are the real rivalry. The Lions and Bears should leave us alone and start their own rivalry.

So here are some pictures from the Viking game that I found amusing.

I think this Viking fan is making fun of the Bears, but look at this jackass. A typical Viking fan. Stupid.

Looking good Brad. How is he still a quarterback? Who's next, Scott Mitchell?

Is this Jerry Burns, no way! It's the Vikings new coach. I don't care if he has ties to Wisconsin, just like Ryan Longwell who I have an autograph on a birthday card from when he was trying to make the team back in the 90's...he's dead to me. You too Sharper. Oh, and Javon Walker is dead to me too. Thanks for nothing Javon!

Okay, back to the Pack. Here are this weeks Golden Mullet Awards. Remember, 4 is the best.


Favre was the bomb. 3 touchdowns, no picks. He was truly Sweetness. Get it Sweetness.

Running Backs

Running game sucked. I dig that we kept trying, but come on. Let's swear to never give Amhan the ball in the end of the game again. Pinky swear with me now.


Driver and Jennings were great. Driver didn't get 100 yards, so that cost me some points on my fantasy team. But did you see that block when Jennings scored. Yeah!


Sucked. Nuff said.


Win big, mamma's fallen angel! We won, good job Mike. He got them a win on the road, offense looked good, defense was a sad joke. You get three big Mike.

Special Teams

Not bad, not amazing. You get two.

Lions Fans

Great fans. No one sent nasty emails, very nice fans. Go Lions!

Now let's enjoy a few pics from the Pack win.


Anonymous said...

That was a great win for us. We used to have a hard time winning in detroit. Was that the best game Favre ever had there?

MF said...

maybe. certainly the least stressful win. and by the by that was the Spiking Viking in the photo. he's a DJ in minneapolis and basically his whole life revolves around the Vikings, which is sort of like being a kitten and playing with a ball of yarn. Except the yarn is a 4 time loser in the Knitting Bowl and is a lame color like purple.