Monday, September 18, 2006

Answers. Anybody Got 'em?

Week 2 - New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers

The questions this week are many. Is Favre washed up? Is Mike III alive on the sidelines? Can the O-line block anyone? And, most importantly, is this the worst team in the NFL? On with the game.

1st Quarter

13:40 – I was on the fence with the re-signing of Aaron Kampman. He’s a high motor guy (or so they say 18 times a game) and while he had a ton of tackles on the D-line I couldn’t remember any of them from last year. So coming into this season we here at C& had some offseason meetings and made it a point of emphasis this year to keep track of the guy. A nice sack/strip of Brees and a recovery are memorable. This guy might be okay.

11:00 – Pretty little play and execution by Favre and Jennings on the TD pass. Nice to see some life in the boys. Also nice to see a well designed play that causes a natural “rub” on the defensive backs and springs Jennings for 6. GB 7 – NO 0

9:35 – KGB joins the sack/strip party of Brees. Nice pressure from Cullen Jenkins up the gut too. We haven’t had much of that around these parts and it’s nice to see a pocket collapse on the other side of the ball sometimes.

9:10 – Shovel pass on 3rd and long. It fails and sets up the FG attempt from Rayner. I’m not a huge fan of this playcall, seems pretty timid. Ah well at least we can finally see if Rayner can do something other than kick off. For what it’s worth the first couple rows of fans need to be leery during kickoffs right now, Rayner has just boomed it so far. Aaaand the kick is good. Nice to see that it looked so automatic, no jitters evident. I hate kicking by the way. GB 10 - NO 0

8:30 – Another pressure by Kampman. Is he this good?

8:25 – Great quote from our announcers today, Ron Pitts and the Godfather “You know you’re playing good offense when you can draw players offsides.” To this point the Saints have like 12 yards of offense and have two fumbles lost. That is the opposite of good.

With the Saints driving Nick Collins and Al Harris combine for a ridiculously entertaining pick. Looks like we kept the right Vanilli twin. Beautiful footwork right there.

2:50 – In what will be a running theme throughout the year Donald Driver takes a normal pass and breaks it for 48 yards. I immediately wish I had a daughter, and that daughter could grow up and marry Donald, and they could provide me with incredibly plucky grandchildren with tons of heart and winning smiles.

1:45 – Another timid playcall on 3rd down. We’re playing well but I’d like to see the team run some deeper routes or at least, y’know, not hope for 5 broken tackles to pick up a 1st down on occasion. GB 13 - NO 0

2nd Quarter

12:10 – AK held again. Why don’t we call him AK 47 or something? If he keeps performing like this he’s going to need a nickname. And yes I know there’s a pasty fella down in Utah with that nickname, but that’s the NBA and the NBA is unwatchable at this point so it doesn’t count. I mean, the NBA is becoming the NHL. That last sentence is not a compliment.

12:00 – Another sack for AK. I think I just saw the O-lineman Stinchcomb sign off the ownership of himself to Kampman. Yep, they just filed the paperwork with the Back Judge and everything. I wonder if that means Aaron now has to feed the guy or if it’s just a temporary ownership deal. Can he lease him for 3 hours or so?

11:20 – Wow. A screen pass on third and long for the Pack. Excellent. I never saw that coming.

10:40 – Another gem from the announcing crew, with Charles Woodson tackling Reggie Bush, “That’s Heisman on Heisman!” Somehow that sounds like a new show on ESPN or something.

5:00 – The answer to the question “Does the coaching staff trust their passing game?” A definite “no.” Ishy. Just plain ishy. Another dumpoff with no chance for a first down on 3rd and long.

1:20 – Sean Payton is calling a nice game here. Brees has had open RB’s most of the day and just hasn’t checked down or this could be uglier. Pretty playaction on 4th and 1 from midfield gets the Saints in scoring range.

:56 – I’m not saying Ahmad Carroll was burned on that pump n’ go for a TD by Brees and Henderson, but he definitely was seared. It’s okay Ahmad, it locks in your flavor! NO 14 - GB 13

3rd Quarter

13:00 – With a perfect change of angle DD blows the doors off Mckenzie on an end around. I regret being only 30 years old and not being able to provide the daughter for Donald as mentioned above.

10:30 – Bubba Franks catches the ball much like a deer gets shot during hunting season. He gets nailed with the ball, he stumbles around a bit and then he falls to the ground. Sadly he doesn’t have 6 points. I still love him.

8:10 – Donald makes a great catch around the 5 yard line and then gets body slammed. He laughs through it. I wonder if cloning could make my daughter grow more quickly so, say, in 5 years she’d be the equivalent of a 21 year old?

In a random comment the announcers are now giving Favre credit for making Donald Driver tough. Now DD may have said that Favre made him tough but c’mon people! The dude grew up in an impossibly horrible situation with his family. He was tough. This is one of those deals where they have to wrap everything into Favre and it drives me nuts.

6:30 – Another sack/strip by AK. I’m sure at this point he doesn’t just own Stinchcomb, he also got the tight end and running backs thrown in on the deal. He owns them all.

3:30 – Carney folk are at it again. Would it kill him if, before kicking a field goal, he had to wipe away the bourbon from his cheek or something? Maybe have cotton candy on his fingers? It’s not like he uses his hands anyway. C’mon! You’re a Carney, act like it! NO 20 – GB 13

4th Quarter

14:20 - Favre impales Fergie with the football for a TD. Actually lodging the ball into his chest is the only way you can be assured he’ll catch it. A Trainer is on the scene immediately to remove the ball without damaging Fergie's lungs and liver and stuff, no need to worry about the heart of course because it doesn't exist. Nice work all around. NO 20 – GB 20

11:50 – “Trickeration” used by Ron Pitts. What fresh new circle of hell is this that this word is part of my weekly listening pleasure?

8:20 – For the second time today Nick Collins loses his footing in pass defense. No bueno. He’s had a nice day covering Reggie Bush, at times looking like a spy on him almost, but this was fugly. NO 27 – GB 20

8:00 – Ahman immediately fumbles. Followed by the Deuce scoring in perfect backbreaker style. NO 34 – GB 20

This is one of those answers I wanted earlier. Is the team resilient? Tough? And if so did Favre make them tough? Let’s find out.

5:15 – Ron Pitts again “Packers are in all pass, all the time mode now” followed immediately by an Ahman 6 yard run. Does this ever not happen?

4:15 – Noah Herron catches a little flair from Favre and walks in for the TD. I’ve made it clear that I pretty much hate Herron but I gotta say, he looks so goofy that he’s growing on me. NO 34 - GB 27

4:05 – Hawk tracks down Bush for a 1 yard gain and looks impressive doing it. He’s been much more involved today it seems. I won’t know for sure until I watch the tape of course* but I’m feeling better about him. The kid is learning. Collins follows it up with another nice tackle of Bush to force the punt. Team Speed Kills.

2:00 – The game ends with Favre airmailing a throw. The whole series was disjointed though. Playcalling seemed defensive again. I’ve got concerns.

Well we’ve got some answers anyway. This team is not the worst in the league. Some of the young guys showed some improvement. The coaching staff went from woefully inept to slightly below average. Not a terrible game and not a terrible loss. I hate seeing the Packers lose at Lambeau but I’m no longer filled with dread. It’s not much but I’ll take it.

*I will not, of course, be watching any tape and/or rating players. I just kinda enjoy when coaches say that stuff.


Anonymous said...

Having not seen the game, I was wondering how Fergie pulled down a TD pass...lodging the ball within his receivers' bodies seems like a good way for Favre to reduce drops.

Another thought...Driver is about 30 years old now, but seems faster, tougher, and more wiley than ever. He improves with age, like fine wine. In contrast, Freeman was washed-up and slower than most offensive guards by the time he was 28. What gives? Is Driver the anti-Freeman?

Anonymous said...

Answer: The League will help…

You see m.f., because The League has favored Brett Farva all of his career I’ve heard tell that G.B.’s Monday night opponent for Week 12 will be changed from Seattle to the Oakland Raiders.

Also relax, dear packer fan, The League which is benevolent and caring will still fly Mike Holmgren out so that he and Farve can make out on the 50 yard line prior to the game. So, rejoice! There is one game at least you’ll win this year!

MF said...

Utah - Driver does seem to get better every year, particularly when you consider that his supporting cast has gone from average to embarrassing in the past year or two. I don't see him slowing down for a few years.

Sweetness - I'm not gonna lie, the idea of Holmgren and Favre making out at the 50 yard line would be pretty dang funny, if nothing else for the drunk fans who would awkwardly applaud and then try to forget it ever happened.

Ah well, it could be worse, we could be Bears fans. Enjoy the regular season buddy, we both know you'll be rolling over for the first team you see once the games matter.