Sunday, September 10, 2006

After Further Review....

Yep, I still can't stand the Bears. Ever since Lovie came to town, he has been nothing but annoying. Why is it the Bears act like it's a regular season game...whoops, it was. Ah shoot. Who cares. I still hate the Bears.

Let's see here, my comments on the game:

the Coach: Not impressed. But wait, I never

wanted a new one anyways.
the Offense: Ahman Green and Donald Driver showed up. That's all. Jennings, you broke my heart!
the Defense: Could have done worse...really, I think they could have.
the Special Teams: Could not have been worse...wait, I take that back. They did that one cool trick play for a first down. Good job boys.
the bar I watched the game at: Not bad. Full of Packer fans, two bear fans, a niner fan, and two jackass ram fans who must have been happy for winning a game. That must have felt weird to them.

Overall: Come on Pack, wake up! You can only lose three more games until I look foolish.

Enjoy the pictures of how I feel about all Bear fans and their jack-ass team...and city.


Anonymous said...

From your summary of the game, I guess Favre didn't even play today. It must have been the backup QB.

Don't lose hope! Once Favre is back at quarterback, he will make all the difference!

Anonymous said...

Green looked good today, definitely had his burst, although his numbers were a little misleading since most came during passing downs.

Favre looked like the Favre of last year. Really accurate at times, making me think he's "still got it", but then making stupid throw after stupid throw. It's embarassing to watch. Will Favre ever be benched? Will Rodgers play this year? If this season is just a continuation of last season, I almost think "yes".

Packman said...

Hey g4 lover, I also didn't mention about 45 other players on the team. Did that mean they didn't play today either? They must have been backups.

I only mentioned the players that made a difference. Let's be honest here, there were not many in the green and gold that looked good.

But don't lose hope, we have all season to be sarcastic!!

And anonymous...

I agree with what you are saying. Will he be benched...or fake an injury and be done with it? Time will tell my friends.

Majikman said...

Tough game tough game. What would Don Majkowski do? Throw a touchdown at the last second and win the game. After further review, the bears still suck!

You can look forward to seeing that highlight later this week.

Ah past was a blast.