Monday, August 21, 2006

San Francisco Treat


Here is what everyone around the hive has been buzzing about. Cheese and Packers teamed up with Make Out City Studios to help recreate one of NFL's biggest bloopers.

In 1964 Jim Marshall of the Minnesota Vikings scooped up a fumble from the 49ers and ran the wrong way. When he reached the endzone, he tossed it into the stands which forever sealed his fate. That's comedy.

Enjoy the video, pass it around to your friends, and bookmark this site because Cheese and Packers will me making more of these for your viewing pleasure.


MF said...

I realize I'm also part of this site but I didn't have anything to do with the creation of this thing so I can say that it is 100% awesome without feeling like I'm a total jerk.

Anonymous said...

Very cool--and downright funny !

jamesmnordbergjr said...

A Packers fan with a sense of humor? Kinda like the mythical Nessie or Sasquatch, I didn't think they existed.
Nice work though.

Rays profile said...

I haven't seen action like this since those "lo-def theater" ads during the games. Nice spoof.