Monday, August 07, 2006

Randy Moss Takes It On The Chin

Cheese and Packers Video Premiere

I was talking to Lindy Infante the other day, and he showed me this tape of Mark Chmura taking on Randy Moss. Now I know Chmura was a good fighter, but this is ridiculous. Moss never had a chance. Then again, Randy Moss has always been an over-rated "freak".

So check out the footage here, and don't thank me, thank Lindy Infante.


MF said...

I'm a little troubled that you chose to use Chmura for this bit but I will defend, to the death, your right to mock Randy Moss.

Anonymous said...

I think he chose Chmura cause he was a fighter. Didn't he get into fights at bars and stuff?

MF said...

I can't argue with the logic I'm still just a little annoyed with Chmura and his air of importance lately.