Thursday, August 03, 2006

Queries From Query

The following is an interview conducted by Cheeseandpackers contributor Jeff Query (Packers WR 89-91).

JQ: I'm sitting here today in the Packers fantastic new locker room with running back Najeh Davenport. Man they sure have improved this place huh Najeh?

ND: You've been here before?

JQ: Yeah. I played wide receiver here.

ND: Here? Like in a high school game or sumthin'?

JQ: No. For the Packers. 1989.

ND: You sure?

JQ: Yeah. (awkward pause). For three years. get injured a lot. Why is that?

ND: It's a rough game out there man, you should know, you played right (laughing).

JQ: Yeah I did, and I was good. The white Steve Largent they called me. So how come you're so fragile? You seem like a tough guy but you break down more than a Hyundai, what's up with that?

ND: Did you just compare me to a Hyundai? I'm an Escalade man! Escalade! And hey wasn't Largent white too?

JQ: Oh, I guess I didn't realize Escalades suck.

ND: I don't suck. What are you talking about? If I can get my chances I can dominate. And why are you duckin' the Largent thing? You know he was white right?

JQ: We'll uh, just have to agree to disagree. The media wanted you to believe he was white, that's all I'm saying.

ND: ...

JQ: Listen, changing topics here, do you think your incident in college has maybe cursed you?

ND: What incident man?

JQ: You know. Let me set the scene. You, a laundry basket, a horrible decision. What impact do you think that has had on your career?

ND: That's nothing man, it's in the past.

JQ: Well yeah but it sure seems to follow you around doesn't it?

ND: Nah, that's nothin'.

JQ: Does it bother you that my 7 year old niece calls you "Mr. Pooper"?

ND: Dude get the @%$!#@ out of here!

At this point two assistant trainers forcibly remove our intrepid reporter.

JQ: You don't mess with White Lightning man! You don't mess!

ND: Just get out man. The locker room is for players only.

JQ: You haven't seen the end of me Davenport! Not by a long sight! I'll haunt your dreams. I'll haunt...your...dreams!

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Majikman said...

Wow, nice to hear from you again Query. Sounds like you got Davenport a little worked up.

Was that a laundry basket?