Monday, August 28, 2006

Oh, the Places we have been

The life and times of a columnist are rife with fascinating expos and journalistic revelations. That's just the deal when you sign on to such a rockstar little gig. But we felt that it was time to let you know what we've been up to and, more importantly, why.

A lot of folks out there have taken up with posting their thoughts and inclinations on the green and gold on this here interweb. I don't have the time to mention them all here but I thought I should mention those who are taking it up a notch with their writing and thoughts.

Truth be told we love these guys. Not only for what they've written, which is 100% awesome, but just for the simple fact they're doing it at all. There are many, many folks out there who love the pack and don't bother to waste time away from their sexy ladies and charming kids and moderately annoying extended family. So these guys deserve a little extra love.

M.F. Pack's daily life consists of standard office work and the standard deployment of sweet internet sites to get through said standard office work on a daily basis. He wouldn't make it til noon without these fellas. And yeah, I totally referred to myself in the third person for a few sentences there. It was fantastic. I regret nothing. I'm becoming more and more like the athletes I pretend to interview through various pseudo-aliases every day.

Over at they knock one out of the park every day. As is obvious, I'm partial to their take on Dr. Z and his quasi-senile take on Favre and the packers.

We check out Packer Palace quite a bit as well and we've got to say, the collection of faked logos is treeeeeeeemendous. We're not just about loving the Packers around here, we're also for hating the rest of the NFC North. A long time ago, in grade school methinks, we learned that it's easier to put yourself up by putting others down. These logos support that theory and we, therefore, support the theory of support. I think. To be honest I got kinda lost there poking around the packerbabes site. (just a note, while most of these ladies are the "take home to momma types" there are a few who are, uh, more forthcoming than m.f. pack expected). Where was I?

Over at Oracle of Cheese they're doing what we consider to be as routine as breathing. That is to say, mocking vikings fans. We're all for it. And by "we" I mostly mean just myself but it should be noted that majikman would most likely be in agreement so I don't feel like I'm taking crazy pills advocating for him. That last sentence was overly expository. Totally sorry about that.

Finally, a workday wouldn't be complete without a visit to everyone's favorite critic. Robert Lalasz over at Nietsche or Nitschke continues to rock out with his !#@!^%#$^& out (hint, it rhymes with "rock"). I'm partial to his take on what to do in GB if the Packers were dead riff. Sort of reminds me of this offseason and the bizarre stuff I'm dreaming up in lieu of a real game to talk about.

There are others out there. Many of whom no doubt who happen to be six shades of awesome. Regrettably my workday has either been A) not boring enough or B) too productive to research thoroughly. I apologize. I'm sure I'll explore as we move into the season here. One last thing, for the best in article compilation don't forget the good guys over at . I don't know them (other than an email diatribe about Sherman last year we've had no correspondence) but anyone who bothers to compile so much daily deserves all the props they can get. Thanks guys.

If I can pretend to be an overly symbolic coach (say Les Steckel fer instance), I will now attempt to rally the troops through semi-retarded cliches. Enjoy.

We're all just rowmen in one big boat. A big packer boat. And we all have to row together to get where we want. Yes, we're all like Jimmy Chitwood and the lesser talented Indiana kids who won that title in "Hoosiers" that so inspired us. Majikman will be Coach Dale and I, for reasons that should be obvious by now, will be Shooter. Because let's face it, Shooter is just like Dale except he gets to drink heavily and doesn't have a wet blanket for a ladyfriend. I could go on but I prefer to end on an uncomfortable note.

Thanks for stopping by the booth everyone. If you got to this site by means other than a link from one of these other guys I implore you to check them out.


Majikman said...

That was great, those sites are really fun. Packerbabes M.F., is that your dirty little secret? And don't forget to check out Oh wait, that site sucks. Nevermind.

MF said...

packerbabes is a link over at packer palace. i sorta stumbled across it and, frankly, i'm a little shocked it hasn't caught on throughout packerland.