Friday, August 18, 2006

Letters to Skippy

For those of you who don't know - Skippy was Dan Devine's Dog. He was killed by a neighbor in '72 for messing with ducks that he should not have been messing with. Devine reported to TIME magazine that angry fans of the team had killed his dog out of spite in a '74 interview and the legend stuck. For a thorough recounting of the story I implore you to check out

The spirit of Skippy lives on and, in an effort to better establish inter-spiritual relations, has graciously accepted a post with answering emails from our readers.

I have concerns about the new zone-blocking scheme being employed by our Pack. Do you think this is just a panic move or do you think the team has the athletes to make this kind of system work? I thought small, quick linemen were needed for it but we've got 5 different kinds of beefcake running around out there.

I also wonder about Mike McCarthy's ability to lead a team. It sounds like he knows quarterbacks but that doesn't really help your Sam linebacker make tackles now does it? Did he just leave the entire defense to Bob Sanders and hope he's good at what he does or is he involved?

It's been said that some dogs can smell fear. Can you? And if so, can you smell it on Robert Ferguson? Is it, like, pungent on Fergie and maybe just like mild b.o. when it comes to young guys like Greg Jennings? You could really be a help to the team if you could eliminate the guys who are afraid right? Have you talked to them about a consulting position? I think the world of you Skip, even if you're no longer part of this world.

Bob from Rhinelander

Happily Panting. Playful bark.

Dearest Skippy,
I think y'all suck up there in wisconsin. Ever'body knows we got a'merka's team down here in big D. How 'bout them Cowboys?



Lil Skip,
Hey uh Skip. It's ol' Dan. Sorry I used your death to make all fans of the Packers look like psychotic idiots, that was in poor taste. Sorry bud. Hey you want to go play fetch one last time? I love ya buddy. Buddy?

Dan Devine


Aaaaaaaand that's all for Skippy today. Thanks for the letters folks. For those of you hoping for more informative responses from Skip you may want to remind yourself that this is a dead dog we're talking about. Also, if you're bored, try finding a picture of a snarling golden retriever online sometime. Apparently they're so uniformly sweet that they never allow negative photos to be leaked. Well played golden retrievers, well played.


Majikman said...

Skippy's a cute dog, I think he should become a member of cheeseandpackers. He's much better than Chuck Sample.

MF said...

he IS a member, we had some problems signing the paperwork since he can't hold a pen in the real world and can't write and can't spell his name and stuff but we hammered it out with a series of eye blinks of barks.