Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Itch

I hate this time of year. Not much is happening, not in any real sense anyway, and yet I'm so fired up for football that I'm jumping to look at things that are just a waste of time.

Fer Instance...

I think I made it clear in my last post what I think of the preseason. It's borderline unwatchable and generally pointless. And yet there's this sick little part of me that wants to invoke the power of Tivo and watch and re-watch every frame of the game. I heard a caller on KFAN (yes, I'm stuck in Minnesota which is about as far away from football awesomeness as you can get) who was talking about breaking down the game tape and HE HAD GRADED OUT THE VIKING'S O-LINEMEN! On his Tivo. There was part of me laughing at this misfit and part of me that was wondering how bad Darryn Colledge's technique is. It's a sickness.

Madden 2007 comes out in a week or so. You can find the ratings of the players online already. Seriously. What game can get people fired up enough to wonder how fast they made Nick Barnett this year or whether Favre's throwing power has fallen off? It's just odd. And the sad part is that I get offended if they rate guys lower or higher than I expect them to. Why do I care? Again, sickness.

The NFL network will re-air the upcoming Packers-Falcons preseason game on Sunday morning... at 7 am. 7 am. I don't mean to be rude but what, exactly, does the NFL network have that is so important that they can't squeeze the game in later? Like, say, when people are awake or not busy worshipping their respective lords and/or saviors? I know it's preseason football but this is the NFL network. What are they going to treat us to? Another fascinating interview from camp with Titans rookie QB Vince Young? Does anybody want to see that? I mean, anyone outside of the 10-14 year old demographic? Why does this offend me? Tap that vein kids.

So I'm trying to come up with ways to kill the time until meaningful games start getting played. I'm gonna have to eat some chili just to get in the mood. And once the chili-eating begins it's just a slow decent into madness.

So far on this site we've been relatively goofy in nature. That will change some in the coming weeks and we'll even have a little analysis (if you can call beer buzzed rants after games "analysis") down the road. But first the games have to matter. Just over 3 weeks left football fans. Now if you'll excuse me I need to get some chili.

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