Thursday, August 31, 2006

In Gado We Must


Things are a little quiet out there in Packerland, and all the whispers see to dwell on the negative. You hear things like "Not prepared", "Hawk looks weak", and "When will the Bears stop wearing our uniforms for Packer games". Well, all of those seem to be true. But, like M.F. Pack said, this is all preseason. Let's expect the best hear. Come on Pack fans, we're not Bear fans. We're not Patriot fans that 6 years ago only had about a dozen fans, and now they have like, a hundred thousand dozen. We're not rude or ugly like Raider fans. We're not even mean like Bronco fans. We're Pack fans. Let's celebrate mediocracy!

Here is a commercial (okay, it's a little lame) that stars the cheesehead faithful. Or maybe they are just actors paid to look like fanatics. That crazy Hollywood.

Cheeseheads unite!

I also read an article by Peter King giving each team a "Best Case Scenario". For the Pack, he said 9-7. What the hell kind of best case is that.

Here is my best case scenario: Pack wins the Superbowl...over the Vikings...with John Elway as quarterback. And Tommy Kramer gets injured as we beat them 500 to 10. That's my best case. Worst case....12-4. BOLD STATEMENT, but true. OH, it would also be cool if Ed West showed and tossed a flea flicker to Yancey Thigpen in the endzone...and he dropped it.

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