Wednesday, August 23, 2006


In what can only be described as "inevitable" the Packers cut Marc Boerigter. Color me the opposite of surprised (which happens to be a dark blue if you're curious). Turns out you actually have to catch the ball in order to be a working wide receiver in the national football league. You can't just be 6 foot 3 and 220 pounds. There are other requirements.

I'm still trying to sort out if this is a good thing or not. I'm troubled by the fact that I thought Boerigter would help out our thin WR staff to begin with. I mean, if your plan includes 25+ catches from a guy like Boerigter what does that say about your plan? Ishy things. Ishy sir! Just. Plain. Ishy.

While I appreciate that Ted Thompson and the latest Mike still need a bit more rope before they can prove their competence or hang themselves with it I'm still on the skeptical side. Each time TT has a press conference I kinda hope he has a hearing problem or some other limitation and is too shy to mention it. At least then the utter confusement (and yes I like to create words, it's a whole new way of talking) on his face wouldn't be so scary. Can we have a GM that only deals with the press through written word? Would anyone be against this?

The decision with Boerigter makes sense because A) hands of stone are really only helpful if you're trying to fight the Great Nothing with Atreyu and B) he doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the roster movement. It's pretty clear this Packers team will be one of the youngest on the field in the NFL this year. That is by design. For what it's worth I'm okay keeping young guys on the cheap with some upside. I prefer that over retreads any day of the week (particularly Sundays). But still I'm wondering about the plan.

The saddest part of the whole ordeal? You have to wonder if Marcy Marc went to the staff and reminded them that he was a free agent and not a Mike Sherman draftee. I mean, heck, that alone probably could have kept him in camp another week. He really should put that at the top of the ol' resume.

MIKE SHERMAN DID NOT DRAFT ME. Repeat it with me Marc. MIKE SHERMAN DID NOT DRAFT ME. You keep that up and you'll be back working special teams and dropping the occasional slant pass sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

bret farve sucks

Anonymous said...

Spelled "Favre" wrong too.