Friday, August 04, 2006

Dr. Z is an Idiot.

Dr. Z, you are barely worth my time. In a recent article, Dr. Z was asked about who are "Shoo-ins" for the Hall of Fame. When he thought about Favre, here's what he had to say:

"Is Brett Favre a shoo-in? How about if he throws another 29 interceptions this season? And the whispers start -- maybe he never was that good to begin with. You think this is impossible? You don't know how quickly a great old star can fall from grace"

Not that good to begin with?. 3 time MVP, 2 visits to the Super Bowl, one win, and a playing streak no one else could touch.

Dr. Z, you are out of touch. Idiot.

1 comment:

MF said...

Z only likes O-linemen and former Jets players. He's completely out of touch. The cranky old guy who complains about mystery chemicals in the drinking water. Rant on you crazy SOB! No one's listening but don't let that stop you!