Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dr. Z Ain't What He Used To Be

I know that I might not always be right. But I'll tell you what, I was on the money with my Dr. Z rant. (Dr. Z, pictured above). And of course, I was not alone. Packer fan sites such,, and Railbird Central all jumped on the stupidity of Dr. Z.

Here are some highlights from an article by Chris Havel about the same subject, that being that Dr. Z is totally lame.

"Whether it is due to senility, temporary insanity or being mean-spirited isn't clear. What is clear is Dr. Z's better days are behind him. "

I agree.

"It is one thing to be controversial. It is another to be ridiculous...

Amazingly, the greatest hit to Dr. Z's credibility was self- inflicted. He writes: "Sure, I'll vote for Dick (Vermeil). He sent me a case of that great cabernet he makes in Calistoga. You bet I'll vote for him.

Favre better send Dr. Z a bucket of crayfish, ASAP. It might get him elected on the first ballot, and it'll give Dr. Z something to eat other than crow. "

Yeah Dr. Z, you can eat crow!

Here is the whole article.

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