Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Brett Favre Very Optimistic, Possibly High...

In a recent interview with Mike Spofford of Packers.com (easily found here)Brett Favre rambled on about the new version of his old offense and the talent on the roster.

"I think we will go down the field, but I think we're reverting back more to when Holmgren was coaching and that philosophy is the 3- and 4-yard passes are like runs," Favre said.

In regards to everyone's favorite Batman afficionado "He looks as good as he's ever looked, and there's no doubt he has a chip on his shoulder," Favre said. "He wants to play even better than he has in the past."

Favre was most excited about the new group of wide receivers he has to work with. "The competition is there for our guys to step up," Favre said. "History has shown the ball will be thrown to you. There's a lot of touchdowns to be caught, so you have to be eager if you're one of our pass-catchers."

Favre then went on a rambling dissertation about how exciting the new coaching staff and young players are. But he didn't stop there. When asked what else gets him fired up he had this to say. "The Packer fanbase is really exploding with a lot of new talent."

The NFL's only three time MVP continued. "Take this Cheeseandpackers.com website for example. They're young, they're unproven, but they may have something special too. You just never know. They could be the Robert Brooks of the internet. Course they could also be the Robert Ferguson but I doubt that."

But why? "Well, see, the guys at C&P got ripped a while back for focusing too much on the late 80s Packers and stuff. They easily could have cowered in fear, or short-armed their keyboards and stopped typing such fantastic stuff, but they didn't. That's the kind of moxie I like to see."

Are you concerned that the site pretends to have ex-players on staff for analysis, the reporter asked. "Nah, they're delusional maybe but heck, for two solid months in '96 Frankie Winters thought he was Captain Caveman and wore nothing but a rag and a big stick out to dinner every night, I'm used to delusional. And man, I thought Jeff Query really was gonna work for them, you should check on that."

Favre went on to discuss how fantastic the burgers were at the bierstube and also rambled on a bit about his new Nike shoes as well. Favre is definitely pumping the positivity when it comes to this year. Only time will tell if the Packers season will have the same bright, cheery outlook.

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What's wrong with the 1980's Packers?