Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Behold: I'm Bold

The good news is I found a great local bar to watch Packer games, and I even picked up the NFL Field Pass just to cover myself in case I get hassled by too many drunks (which I did). The bad news is this could be a long year. But fear not Packer faithful, because here comes The Packman's Bold Prediction:


That's right. We will have twelve wins and four loses. You can take that to the bank. You see, I saw things in this game that no one else did. Like this.

It came so clear to me. All we have to do is grind down each team and feed their fans the nasty meat. Give it some thought.

Speaking of Vikings, nothing makes me feel better after a preseason loss like a Friends of Cheese and Packers video. I looked through our vault, and I found this gem. Please enjoy!

What a game that was. Who cares if the Steelers won the Super Bowl this year, let's reflect on the past.


MF said...

I would be happy with 8-8 (especially since the Lions and Vikings will be lucky to get to that mark).

Anonymous said...

12-4 seems like a stretch. Let's go for 9-7, and then make a run in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

I really wis I could share your enthusiasm...however I think Terrible Teddy may well have left the cupboard far too bare for much improvement from last year.
I personally think that if the Pck hits 8-8 MM should be in serious contention for Coach of the Year...and if the Pack (like I fear) reamins around 4-12, TT should be a candidate for a lynching...