Monday, July 31, 2006

Where You At Moss?

Ah, Randy Moss. He's almost too easy to make fun of these days. So I would like to take you back to simpler times...when Randy was all the Vikings had. (Now, they have nothing). We all remember the time when Moss made himself look like an ass by showing his ass, well here is what he claims started it all.

"In the May 16th issue of Sports Illustrated, writer Karl Taro Greenfield asked Moss in an interview why he did it [Mooned Green Bay]. This is what he had to say... While the act was spontaneous, Moss concedes that it was rooted in revenge. "I told myself I was going to get Green Bay fans back for their little antics when I was hurt." Moss is referring to a performance by the University of Wisconsin Marching Band at the Vikings-Packers game on Nov. 14, 2004. Taunting Moss, who was on the sideline in street clothes because of a pulled hamstring, the band appeared with their tubas bearing cloth covers on which were letters that spelled out: WHERE YOU AT MOSS?" ---Written By Chanson15 of YouTube.

I get it then, we created the monster that squirted an official, tried to run over a cop, and looks ugly in purple. It's our fault.

Here is the video from one of The Friends of Cheese and Packers, Chanson15. We stand behind this video and everything that it stands for. Or, at least Chuck Sample agrees with me. So, I'll stop wasting your time. Please, enjoy Moss in "Where You At Moss?".

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