Thursday, July 27, 2006

Not A Real Game Tape

The CheeseandPackers phones rang off the hook yesterday with questions and complaints. Let me clear a few things up. I am not impersonating Don Majkowski. I have already stated in the previous post, I AM NOT DON MAJKOWSKI. I just have his smell.

Anyways, since Lindy Infante still won't return my calls, I had to recreate another classic game against the Vikings. This one involves Majkowski tossing a deep one to Sharpe. I hope you enjoy this game tape. I know Don did.


Anonymous said...

hey, cheese & pack,

really dig the site. i found it via your tecmo bowl vid clips on youtube (fantastic clips, by the way).

i co-admin and write all the packer content therein. let's trade links if you're hip. timedoor features free mp3s, political commentary, and packer analysis (though there hasn't been much of that lately for obvious reasons).

i'll mention your site when i post about camp early next week as well.

see you at the leinie's lodge.
chaka \

Majikman said...

Thanks for the feedback Chaka. Cheese and Packers would be happy to add you to our links, thanks for stopping by.