Monday, July 31, 2006

News from Camp

Our on-site camp spy (the Ultimate Packer Fan) provided the following report:

Sunday July 30, 2006 6:30 practice: The generators are noisy and it was crowded. So far I dislike evening practices. McCarthy (mc) runs a fast-paced practice. He does more team scrimmage than Sherman. I focused on the O-line last night. The line will be in better condition this year. That is obvious.

The individual drills are fast paced and very intense. Both Philbin and Campen are vocal andinvolved. Last year under Beightol, Campen was unnoticeable. Campen really got after them in one fast-paced drill. They split up the line quite a bit. C’s and G’s working drill together and the T’s and TE’s working another. G’s and T’s together and the C’s with the QB’s on shotgun. In a blockingdrill they punched out at the DL and then slip down to cut them.

Jags was overseeing and said he wants 3 cuts a game from each lineman. I guess to keep the DL off guard and always looking for it. A couple FA lineman looked foolish doing it. Ended up with their faces in the dirt.

Tauscher seemed to lead the lineman during practice. Always hustling from drill to drill.

Cliffy was heading to the water bottle frequently. He was sucking wind alittle. Maybe out of shape a little because of the knee rehab? Probablybecause it’s a lot more intense and they are working harder than in thepast.

I think Barry would have struggled with the pace. The line sprintsfrom the huddle to the line of scrimmage.

Sunday July 30, 2006. I woke at 7:00 am to a huge thunderstorm. Practice was inside the Hutson Center. I watched from the door for awhile but could not see much. Surveyed the practice field. The lights suck. Fan friendly my *ss. The lights are on a pole with a big generator beneath. Each light unit is barricaded off. There are seven of them on the fan side of the field. Eachone takes up the room that 30 people could stand. I hope the generators arequiet. Plus it looks like you have to stare directly into the lights on theother side of the field. Not impressed with night practices from what I seeso far.

Shook hands with Johnny Gray this morning. He’s a nice guy. Real friendly. An unidentified player lit up his tires for about 20 yards with a one tondooly pickup heading down Onieda after practice. Didn’t know that was possible.

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