Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Majik Gathering

Many of you were probably too young to know me. The ones who are old enough choose to forget me. I'm the reason Brett Favre is a household name. Three time MVP. Two time Super Bowl...player. One time Super Bowl winner. Favre should have won that second one...damn Broncos.

In time you will get your fill of who Don Majkowski really is, who he was...and what he has become. I am not Don Majkowski. I do not get paid to post gushing memories on how great he was.

I am The Majikman. I have captured his swagger. His grace. His beautiful blonde hair. His smell. I am all that is left of 1989. I'm the ghost that haunts Lambeau Field. I was never injured. I never stopped playing. I never let the streak happen.

Since I don't have game tapes from 1989, (Lindy still has them), I will have to recreate classic moments for you. The effect will be the same. You will remember what I could have been if only....if only.

1 comment:

Packman said...

Nice to have you aboard Majikman. I remember you!