Friday, July 21, 2006

False Starts

Today there is something new on the interweb. Something different. I’ve heard folks on the street talking about it (technically, not true). It’s us. The cheeseandpackers crew. We are to Green Bay Packers web sites as the Sharks and Jets* are to dancing/singing street gangs. Yeah, I said it. To mix dated semi-musical metaphors the other guys are all a little bit country, but we’re the only ones crazy enough to be a little bit rock n’ roll.**

We believe in Favre’s right arm, Holmgren’s mustache (take that Wannstedt!) and Majkowski’s hair. Heck we even believe Lindy Infante’s stomach is an ideal storage area for playbooks and, now that he’s not on the sidelines, Us Weekly.

We believe that the Pack always have a chance to win the Super Bowl even when it is absotively, posulutely clear that they have no chance of winning the dang thing. We believe in critical analysis…of lame media hype and nonsensical Christl online chats. We believe that breaking down the numbers from last week’s game is kinda cool in a “what the heck should I do with my Wednesday evenings now that Lost is in re-runs” sort of way.

We believe that someone really needs to come up with a new name for Fantasy Football because we’re adult males and the word “fantasy” denotes something with wizards or something with whips. Or both. And we don’t want to think of Samkon in that way.

Beginning today we’ll have something packer-related for you every weekday. We might even throw something fun up on a weekend if we’re properly motivated. Like, say, a Sunday recap of Reggie White being inducted into the ol’ Packer Hall of Fame. Who’s to say really?

We appreciate you stopping by, tell all your cool friends about us. Heck you can even tell Viking’s fans about us. Just don’t blame us when you then have to show said Viking fan what a computer is and help them log on and don’t even get us started on explaining this here interweb to one of ‘em. Maybe you should just leave them out of it for now.

See ya on Sunday.

* I can’t really remember which one was better so I’m throwing them both out there. Were the Sharks better dancers and the Jets better singers? Vice versa?

** Are you concerned that you’re trying to read about the Packers and you’ve been hit with West Side Story and The Osmond’s references back to back?

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